Cannabis Production Methods

Cannabis Production Methods addresses cannabis plant physiology and techniques for maximizing crop quality in propagation, in maintaining plant health, and in providing plant and crop care at licensed cannabis production facilities. Course components include:

  • Plant Physiology
  • Propagation
  • Factors in Plant and Crop Health
  • Plant and Crop Growth and Management

Course Dates:  June 4-22, 2018

Tuition:  $2950 plus tax

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a preventative approach to managing pests and diseases in an effective, economical and environmentally sound way.  Course components include:

  • Creating an IPM Plan
  • Management and Elimination
  • Holistic Approaches

Course Dates: Jun 25 - Jul 13

Tuition: $2950 plus tax

Legal History of Cannabis in Canada

Written by David Brown

Cannabis has become a hot topic these days with the legalization of recreational cannabis slated to come into effect in July 2018.  Although cannabis is not new to Canada, the number of news articles and public information that is becoming available has grown exponentially.  This increasingly popular topic, along with the fast-paced nature of this industry, has resulted in a great deal of conflicting and confusing information being disseminated.  This course has been designed to assist in debunking some of the common myths and misinformation by providing factual and current information regarding where cannabis began, and where we are at today.

Course Dates: on demand - Course will be available April 30

Tuition: $99 plus tax

If you are media personnel, please contact for a free course voucher.

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Production Associate

Production Associates perform a variety of tasks in cultivation, harvesting, and processing operations in licensed medical cannabis production facilities. Courses include:

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Grow Operations
  • Plant Health
  • Sanitation

Participants should be generally familiar with horticulture (or similar agricultural, food, pharmaceutical or related industrial) operations. Experience in greenhouse and/or agricultural operations would be beneficial.

Course Dates: May 28 - Jul 20

Tuition: $3950 plus tax

Production Manager

Production Managers provide oversight and manage all aspects of operations in cultivation, harvesting, processing, and related production departments in licenced cannabis production facilities. Courses include:

  • Complying with Health Canada, Provincial Regulations & Legistation
  • Managing a Production Program
  • Managing and Addressing Risks
  • Managing Production Teams

Participants should have progressive management and/or supervisory experience in production operations, preferably in the horticultural industry. Management experience in food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, manufacturing or related industries would be beneficial.

Course Dates: Jul 23 - Aug 17

Tuition: $4250 plus tax

Quality Assurance Associate

Quality Assurance Associates provide quality control support to cultivation, harvesting, processing and other departments in licensed cannabis production facilities. Courses include:

  • Creating & Maintaining a Quality Management System
  • Improvement Through Continuous Process Monitoring
  • Reporting to the Regulator
  • Production, Quality and Risk Mitigation

Participants should be generally familiar with quality systems experience in the food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing or related industries.  Experience with procedures (testing, recording and reporting) in a quality related role would also be beneficial.

Course Dates: Jun 4 - Jul 27

Tuition: $5750 plus tax

Retail Consultant

Retail Consultants provide frontline customer service to individuals looking to purchase cannabis under the new legal framework.  The goal of the program is to provide comprehensive and efficient training to staff who require basic knowledge of cannabis, its effects and standard operating procedures. Courses include:

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Product Knowledge
  • Effects of Cannabis
  • Titration Strategies

Course Dates:  On demand beginning in June 2018.  If interested, please add your name to the waitlist.

Tuition: $450 plus tax

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